How to Play Rummy

Rummy is a fun and easy to play Indian game. The game may be played by two to six players. Each one of the players gets 13 cards. The number of cards you deal depends on the number of players. If two to three players are playing, you should deal two 52-card decks which is a total of 104 cards and four jokers. The jokers act as wild cards. If there are four to six players, you deal a total of156 cards in three decks. Six jokers act as the wild cards. The cards are dealt in a clockwise motion for all players. The game is not solely about luck. It requires skills and complete focus. If you are playing for the first time, it would be wise to play for fun with family and friends. Start playing for money only after you’ve had some experience.

Objective of The Game

The goal when playing the Rummy game is to create Runs (sequences) and Sets. Once you have your required Runs and sets, you can declare your turn.

You can’t declare your turn without having at least two runs. One of the runs has to be pure. It does not matter whether the second one is pure or non-pure. A pure run is also called a first life while a non-pure run is called a secondary life. Each one of the lives must have at least four cards. If you make a valid declare the rest of the players have to get, their scores counted. You can have all their unmatched cards counted.

If a player does not meet the requirements of minimum two runs, all their 13 cards are considered unmatched and therefore, counted. If it is found that all their 13 cards are unmatched, 80 points are deducted from their score.

Playing The Game

The game starts with the first layer picking a card. They may choose the first card on the discard pile or the first card on the stock pile. The discard pile has its card facing up. If the player thinks it is favorable, they may pick it instead of the card on the stock pile. There is, however, no guarantee that they will get a better card. The player then takes a look at their cards and picks the one that is least favorable. They place on the discard pile face up. The next player may pick a card from either of the piles, and the game goes on until the last player picks their card.

A Declare

The player that manages to form runs and sets using their 13 cards before other players can make a valid declare. They can only make a valid declare if their cards meet the primary requirements.

The OctroRummy determines whether or not a declare is valid. If the find that a player has made an invalid declare, they are dropped from that hand. They also lose 80 points from their score. A declare is valid even where there are free jokers, but the remaining cards form valid runs and sets. If a declare is considered invalid, the remaining players keep playing until one of them gets a valid declare.

If you have managed to form runs and sets using your 13cards, you do not have to put your 14th card on the discard pile. Instead, you can put it on ‘Declare’ or ‘Tap to throw your card.’